Empowering Accelya Group to give clients end-to-end financial control

The Challenge


Accelya Group are a leading global provider of technology products and services within the airline industry since 1976. As a main player in the industry, Accelya Group has witnessed major changes in the last five years.

Accelya Group did not have the infrastructure to give a single-provider end-to-end service. They mainly focused on the middle and back end of the payment flow, covering about 95% of payment cycle functionalities. Without a payment gateway they couldn’t provide that final 5% – payment authorization.

With a large number of e-commerce opportunities within low-cost and legacy carriers, the growth possibilities to provide an end-to-end solution made sense and came at the right time, considering the increased demand to tender with an end-to-end-service.

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The Solution

Mastercard offered a white label payment solution that allowed full rebranding which competitors didn’t, and peace of mind as an e-commerce global payments leader with extensive experience in global payment gateways. With Mastercard’s infrastructure and support providing the core of the solution, and Accelya Group’s expertise building industry specific add-ons, clients within the airline industry could receive the functionality they wanted:

• S2I and S2A capabilities
• Acquirer coverage at a global scale
• Coverage of all payment types
• Pay-as-you-use service
• Reduced cost and faster payment processing
• Faster claim response and chargeback reduction/prioritization

Results and Customer Response

The scalable solution and unique end-to-end approach allowed more flexibility for Accelya Group and their clients, while Mastercard’s global reach and status also enhanced marketing potential and trust. By partnering, Accelya Group:
Transformed the value proposition – more robust offering, access to new market segments.
Achieved partnership objectives – initial three airlines already signed up within six months.
Developed their team – a deep partnership and nine months of collaboration.