Mastercard Payment Gateway Services 3rd party vendors

Vendor Location Description of vendor activity
Accertify USA Fraud services
ACI - Retail Decisions USA Fraud services
Akamai USA Web hosting and security / protection services
FEXCO Ireland Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) Provider
Maxmind USA Supplier of IP location data. Utilized for Fraud rule sets.
Paymark Limited New Zealand Asia Pacific Gateway processing
PAYON Germany Connectivity provider to card acquirers and APMs.
Pennies UK Process charity donations via point of sale donation settlement files, invoice merchants and distribute funds.
PPRO UK APM aggregator
Secure Retail Limited UK Card Holder Present (CHP) hardware distribution, software, terminals and associated support services
TNS UK Data centre
Travelex (Currency Select) UK Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) Provider
Verifone UK Ltd UK PIN Entry Device software, point to point encryption (P2PE) and Verifone VeriShield Project (VSP) solution

Mastercard Payment Gateway Services utilizes a number of global sub-processors. These are managed centrally by Mastercard.

Links to this information are available via the Gateway URLS and can also be found here.