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Achieving business success in payment innovations

In the last five years we have witnessed a revolution in payments, transforming both how consumers make purchases, as well as the opportunities available to retailers. However, with these opportunities come transformational changes in how retailers take payments.

Point-to-Point Encryption

Achieving and maintaining PCI compliance in-store can be costly and time-consuming. In the current challenging retail environment merchants need to constantly seek out new technologies that can streamline the process, cut operational costs and reduce the risk of a potential data breach.

TLS Upgrade

Mastercard Payment Gateway Services supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.1 or higher. All Mastercard Payment Gateway Services customers should migrate browsers to TLS version 1.1 or higher by April 30, 2018. For technical questions and more information on the upgrade, please visit our FAQ page.

The Omnishopper has arrived

The days of single channel shopping are long since over and the challenge and opportunity ahead of us is how we understand and navigate in this new normal.

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