MasterCard Incentive Card

An innovative way to reward employees for outstanding performance.

MasterCard Incentive Card

The MasterCard Incentive Card is a stored value card solution designed to help you more successfully reward employees for outstanding performance.

MasterCard Incentive Cards can be given to any employee in your organization you wish to reward—your sales force, managers, customer service representatives, staff and support personnel, temporary employees, even affiliates such as franchise owners.

Features and Benefits

Motivate Your Employees:

  • Provide a more personal solution for employee rewards by allowing your rewarded employees to decide how and when they will be rewarded.
  • Promote greater recognition value to your incentive initiative by distinguishing it from other types of compensation.
  • Maximize the perceived value of your incentive program and communicate the worth your company places upon its people and their efforts.

Enhance Employee Convenience:

  • Redeem their rewards their way – at any of the millions of merchants that welcome MasterCard.
  • Dismiss worries regarding lost or stolen cards as these are replaced by the Issuer with the remaining balance.
  • Control functionality at restricted merchants and usage for cash advances.

Reduce High Cost:

  • Load and reload individual cards with any dollar value you choose.
  • Streamline the costs and time involved in managing incentive programs, thereby rewarding your employees faster for a job well done.
  • Simplify the entire rewards process, while providing important reporting and tracking capabilities that add value and efficiency.
  • Improve tax reporting and record keeping by logging all incentives as “rewards” across the entire organization.

Implement the MasterCard Incentive Card Program:

  • Your issuer partners with you to manage your incentive card program by enrolling employees, distributing cards and providing ongoing support.
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