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We Drive Change

We Drive Change. Because Change Drives Leadership.

At MasterCard, we drive change—change that makes a positive difference in the lives of our customers. This means that we're always looking for new ideas, always encouraging fresh thinking, and always collaborating with our partners around the world. It's this commitment to continual improvement that has led us to create the most innovative payments products and services in the world.

A Culture of Innovation

Ideas are the lifeblood of our company. We constantly challenge the established ways of doing things to find new ways to help our customers. This commitment has led to not only the world's fastest payments process network, but also to the development of some of today's most innovative products and services – from the "tap and go" convenience of Contactless Payment to systems-wide solutions that help corporations fight fraud and manage their data more effectively. Here are a few examples of innovation in action:

MasterCard Labs

MasterCard Labs
Idea incubator

Created for the sole purpose of generating new ideas and driving innovation, MasterCard Labs is charged with conceptualizing, testing, and bringing to market powerful new payments systems that will make transactions faster and easier than ever for our clients.

Innovation Express

Innovation Express
Fast-tracking creativity

Sponsored by MasterCard Labs, Innovation Express brings together employees from different disciplines and locations for two days of fast and furious product development. The days are long, the competition fierce (but fun), and the results are nothing short of amazing.

Innovation in Action

Innovation in Action
Some of our latest innovations

MasterCard Contactless: No easier or faster way to pay
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EasySavings: Making rebates easy for merchants and cardholders
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MoneySend: The most innovative mobile payment solution available anywhere
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Mobile solutions: A host of convenient e-commerce and payment innovations
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Google Wallet: Beyond cards and cash
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With nearly 6,000 employees providing services and support in more than 210 countries, you'll find the challenge you're looking for at MasterCard—no matter where in the world you live or want to work. We work with and bring together a worldwide array of financial institutions, merchants, and consumers, so the opportunities available to you are as diverse as the knowledge and skills needed to keep MasterCard at the Heart of Commerce.™

Strenght in Numbers... and Diversity

Strength in Numbers... and Diversity

As a global company, our workforce reflects the incredible diversity of people and perspectives of the world itself. This has proven to be our greatest strength and is the focal point of all our strategies for maintaining our position as the industry leader.

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What's Your Passion

What's Your Passion

MasterCard employees work in a wide variety of specialty areas, including:

  • Product development
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Consulting

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Where Would You Like to Work

Where Would You Like to Work?

With more than 50 offices around the world, opportunities to work at home or abroad abound at MasterCard. Our regions around the world are:

  • Asia/Pacific/Middle East/Africa
  • Europe
  • Latin America/Caribbean
  • North America-Canada
  • North America-USA

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Behind the Brand

Given that ours is one of the world's most recognizable brand names, it's understandable that many people think "credit card" when they hear "MasterCard." But as you might expect from the company known for pioneering dramatic changes in the world of commerce, MasterCard's range of business disciplines—and opportunities—reach far beyond the plastic. Here's a sampling:

MasterCard Advisors

MasterCard Advisors
Insights to move business forward

Providing payments-focused consulting, information and analytics, and a wide variety of outsourcing services to financial institutions and merchants worldwide, MasterCard Advisors helps clients address their most pressing challenges while achieving their business growth goals.

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Priceless Experiences

Priceless Experiences
Portal to special deals and benefits

Priceless is more than our world-famous television commercials. It has become synonymous with the special benefits and once-in-a-lifetime experiences available to MasterCard customers. Our most recent example is the exciting "Priceless Cities" campaign, offering MasterCard cardholders inside tips on making visits to the world's greatest cities, well, priceless.

Priceless New York

Priceless TV

MasterCard Foundation

MasterCard Foundation
Because everyone deserves a chance

The MasterCard Foundation was created to promote financial inclusion and prosperity across the globe. It does this by promoting access to microfinance and youth education—the resources and tools that make all the difference in creating a better life for citizens in developing countries.

Visit mastercardfdn.org

Security and Fraud Protection

Security and Fraud Protection
Ensuring peace of mind

The exponential growth and complexity of payment options has made security and fraud protection mission-critical for today's financial institutions and merchants. MasterCard is an industry leader in safeguarding cardholder data through such innovations as the first tamper-evident signature panel, the use of three-dimensional holograms and advanced fraud prevention and detection technology.

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Cashless Convo Blog

About us

About us

For more than four decades, MasterCard has been a driving force at the heart of commerce, making the global economy safer, more efficient, more inclusive and more transparent for all.