MasterCard<R> Security

Zero Liability

k Feel safe from unauthorized purchases. On the Web. Or anywhere else. You’re always secure.

Who Is Protected?

If you’re a MasterCard® credit card cardholder, you’ll receive the benefit of Zero Liability in the event of the unauthorized use of your Canadian-issued MasterCard card. Zero Liability is provided under the following conditions:

  • you have an account in good standing, and
  • you have exercised reasonable care in safeguarding your card, and
  • you have not reported two or more unauthorized events in the past 12 months.
Zero Liability does not apply to MasterCard cards issued: to an entity other than a natural person; primarily for business, commercial, or agricultural purposes; outside of Canada.

How Are You Protected?
If someone makes an unauthorized purchase using your MasterCard card number, you will not be responsible for that purchase.

Where Are You Protected?
Zero Liability extends to any purchase you make using your MasterCard card, be it in a store, by mail, phone, or on the web.

What Do You Do If…
If you suspect unauthorized activity on your account, stop using your card and contact the bank that issued your MasterCard card as soon as possible. Read Fraud Prevention for More Information.