What you can do to
protect yourself
as a merchant

Payment card security is a responsibility in which you must share. Mastercard® has laid the foundation for a successful security platform and provides tools that empower retailers to make a difference.

Businesses accepting Mastercard cards must comply with basic security practices. Mastercard cardholders expect their transactions to be processed securely. And your acquirer should monitor your transactions to ensure that you fulfil your obligations. To help protect your business and your customers, Mastercard highly recommends that you take the precautions established by the payment card industry to secure personal account and transaction data.

Retailers must do their part to protect their business and their customers.

Requirements and recommendations

Find out about the Mastercard security requirements and recommendations for businesses.

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Online and catalogues

Learn how Mastercard is minimising fraud across mail order, telephone and online transactions.

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Mastercard SecureCode™ protects online transactions

Mastercard SecureCode provides merchants with an authentication solution that takes online shopping security to a new level.

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Site data protection program

Find out how to comply with Mastercard's security standards and give your customers peace of mind with every transaction.

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Hosting a cash machine

See how Mastercard works with technology and industry experts to protect against 'skimming'.

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Choosing a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) or an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV)

Get in touch with Mastercard QSA or ASVs and evaluate your website or network for any vulnerabilities.

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