Mastercard® Contactless

Helping customers to just Tap & Go™

Your customers can:

  • Speed through contactless enabled locations with a quick tap of their Mastercard Contactless card.
  • Simply tap and go! No waiting.
  • Spend less time online, may come back more frequently and they need not limit their purchases to cash on hand.

Tap & Go

Consumers expect convenience, and Mastercard Contactless lets them simply "Tap & Go" when making a purchase. What could be simpler? Mastercard Contactless, compatible with both magnetic stripe and Chip cards, was developed as an alternative to cash. As we grow to expect more convenience in our everyday life, the concept of a "Tap & Go" way to pay is very appealing. Mastercard Contactless offers added security because the card never leaves your customer's hand.

Merchant benefits

  • Faster than cash: handle more customers in less time.
  • Faster than a card swipe: eliminates the need for customers to swipe their own cards or hand their cards to sales assistants.
  • Merchant differentiation: customers may be more likely to return to merchants that accept Mastercard Contactless.
  • Customers like to use it: Mastercard Contactless is simple and easy to use; a great alternative to cash.
  • Higher sales receipts: Mastercard Contactless will help drive more of your customers to use their cards, and their purchases are not limited to cash on hand.
  • Added security and fraud protection, particularly when combined with a Chip and PIN card.

Start accepting Mastercard Contactless

For more information on how to start accepting Mastercard Contactless, download our Mastercard Contactless Getting Started Guide, which contains key considerations for any merchant interested in accepting Mastercard Contactless.

Also available is our Best Practices Guide, which shows you how to make the most of your Mastercard Contactless initiative, and a complete listing of Contactless System Requirements so you can make the necessary equipment provisions for accepting Mastercard Contactless.

For more information, contact your acquirer or your Mastercard representative.

* Signature is not required for purchases R200 or below at participating locations.