Mastercard® contactless.

Tap and GoTM

Tap, pay and be on your way.


What is Mastercard contactless functionality?

Mastercard with contactless functionality is the way to pay; it’s like having exact change wherever you go. A simple tap of your card or contactless enabled payment mechanism is all it takes to pay at the till point*. Mastercard contactless functionality consists of an embedded computer chip with an antenna that sends the transaction signal wirelessly at a small distance without direct contact with the reader and the contactless device. They exchange data and when a signal is heard the transaction is complete.

Simple, Fast and Secure


Paying for purchases using Mastercard contactless functionality is simple. Tap the card or device against the reader area on the terminal and you're done.


Pay much faster for your shopping! Thanks to the advanced payment technology it's virtually instantaneous.
In addition, for purchases less than R200 there is no need to spend time entering a PIN.


With secure encryption technology, your Mastercard contactless card or device is as safe as your regular card:

  • You are in control – your contactless enabled payment mechanism never leaves your hands to make a purchase and therefore it cannot be skimmed or copied.

  • No accidental payments – your contactless enabled payment mechanism must be extremely close to the reader at checkout to work. A unique security code is generated with each contactless transaction so it cannot be re-used to perform another transaction with that card or device.

  • Not billed twice – even if you tap more than once, you'll only get billed once for your purchase.

  • Advanced technology - your contactless enabled payment mechanism integrates layers of protection to help prevent unauthorized purchases. If your purchase is over R200, you can still tap your card or device but you will be required to enter your PIN and you may be asked to sign your receipt.

Where can I use Mastercard contactless functionality?

Anywhere you see the contactless symbol on the terminal reader. This includes quick-service restaurants, convenience stores, movie theatres, and more.

If you don’t see the contactless symbol, your contactless card can still be used like a regular card by swiping or dipping the card at the till point instead of tapping for your purchase.

Do I already have contactless functionality?

Your Mastercard card may already be enabled. Just look for the Mastercard contactless symbol on the front or back of your card and you’re ready to go.

How can I get it?

To apply for a Mastercard contactless card, contact your bank or any one of the financial institutions (card issuers) listed on our website.

* PIN or Signature is not required for purchases R200 or below at participating locations. PIN may be required for debit transactions.