The global business tool that puts your company ahead

MasterCard Commercial Cards are the clever way to manage corporate expenses domestically and worldwide. It makes the accounting and administration of these expenses much easier, increasing efficiency and saving time and money.

A superior system with superior support

MasterCard's unique Business Tool Kit makes it easy to introduce MasterCard Commercial Cards into your company. It includes a step-by-step implementation guide, cost benefit and financial analysis tools (including purchase order versus purchasing card comparison), and training tools for users. Most importantly, MasterCard provides ongoing support to give you greater control over expenses and GST management.

Integration with your present system

It's easy to set up and manage profiles for each MasterCard Commercial Card user. And you won't need special software to integrate it into your existing accounting system. It lets your staff transfer data electronically, saving hours of administrative time each month.

Accepted Worldwide

If you choose to give your staff access to cash, they can use their MasterCard Commercial Card at over 2 million ATM Locations and 571,127 branch locations worldwide.

Advanced data access

MasterCard's Smart Data OnLine provides access to account information, 24-hours a day, seven days a week via the internet. You can find out immediately what your company bought this week, last month or last year and your accountants won't have to call or wait for statements to arrive.

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