Hispanic Financial Outreach Program

Welcome to the MasterCard Hispanic Financial Outreach Program


Hispanics deserve and need access to the benefits that come from good financial skills. The MasterCard® Hispanic Financial Outreach Program is a series of educational programs whose purpose is to provide you with the tools to better manage your own finances. These programs will be held in your community in partnership with various local Hispanic and other community organizations. Click here to see a list of events. When you attend an event, you will:

  • Get tips on how to track your spending
  • Learn about useful tools that can help you manage your money
  • Learn how to create a budget
  • Learn new ways to save money, like cutting down on check-cashing fees

MasterCard, a worldwide leader in providing options for payment, such as Prepaid cards, believes the work of the MasterCard Hispanic Financial Outreach Program will give Hispanics more and better ways to help themselves financially.

When And Where

  • Events will take place beginning June 13. Click here for list of events, centers, churches, etc. Events will be held in your neighborhood, including community

Important Things To Know.

Fee Chart

  • Find out about new payment options such as Everyday Prepaid cards:
    • Fast and convenient
    • No minimum balances required
    • Shop online and over the phone
    • Get discounts at participating merchants with MasterCard Savings™*
    • Pay bills online
    • When registered Everyday Prepaid cards can be easily replaced if lost or stolen**

Budget Worksheet

One of the first steps to financial security is planning and committing to a budget for your personal spending. Print out the Family Budget Worksheet below (in PDF form) and use it to get a clear picture of what it becomes much easier to see where your expenses are now. After that, need to change your spending habits, figure out how to save more money or make other adjustments to your budget

Click here to download budget worksheet.

Here are three tips to remember as you fill out the worksheet:
  1. Keep it real: Set realistic goals. Be honest about your expenses— even the smallest things you spend money on such as a cup of coffee or candy bar. Things add up.
  2. Keep it simple: Write down a very basic list of your monthly income (paycheck, government checks, any other money you make) and expenses. Even a basic start will give you a pretty good idea of what your current budget looks like.
  3. Do your homework: Take time to dig for information so you can fill out the budget worksheet as completely as possible. The more you know about your current situation, the better your decisions will be as you make changes.

Basic Budgeting Steps

Some quick thoughts on how to get a good result from this budget planning exercise:
  • Choose a time period to track. One month works very well.
  • List income from all sources: paycheck, cash payments, government support, etc.
  • List expenses. This takes longer because you probably have more separate expenses than you have sources of income. See the tips above for advice.

EXAMPLE: Let’s take a closer look at expenses in the Food category

  • Think about how often you go food shopping in a month. Include regular grocery store trips, things you pick up at specialty stores and things you get at convenience stores
  • Add all those costs together and enter one total amount for the month.
    • Remember to include ALL trips for food, from grocery store to convenience stores and impulse buys at the gas station
    • Remember to count the times you eat out at any kind of restaurant and even when you buy lunch or a snack at the soccer field
  • Dig into the numbers. That means identify what expenses occur only one or two times as opposed to expenses that happen every month. Those occasional expenses may be a place where you can save money.

Everyday Prepaid Cards: A Great Choice

  • Receive funds electronically from employers or the government and get your pay immediately with direct deposit
  • Eliminates the need to wait in line and pay costly check-cashing fees***
  • Get cash at ATMs and use the card anywhere Debit MasterCard® cards are accepted, in stores and online
  • Add money quickly and conveniently at participating retail locations
  • Zero liability for unauthorized purchases. Exceptions apply**
  • No overdraft fees
  • No bank account or credit check required

Contact Us

For more information on the Master Card Prepaid card, go to www.mastercard.com/prepaid

For media inquiries, please call Sarah Ely at 914 249-6714

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* MasterCard Savings Program Terms and Conditions: Registration is required. The program is available to U.S. legal residents only. Certain restrictions apply. For rebate transactions, automatic savings will appear on a registered cardholder’s statement within 90 days of the qualifying transaction. See www.savings.mastercard.com for further terms and conditions.

** Card registration required. Certain exceptions apply. Click here for terms and conditions.

*** Fees vary by issuer and provider. There is a one time activation fee and ATM fees apply, and reload fees will apply at various reload locations. Check cashing fees may vary.