Once you've downloaded the MasterCard PayPass® application on your NFC phone, you can use it to purchase items anywhere MasterCard PayPass is accepted. No signature is needed for purchases of $25 or under - you just tap n' go!TM

Installing PayPass on an NFC phone

Step 1.
Find out which bank is offering MasterCard PayPass on an NFC Phone.
Step 2.
Get your NFC enabled phone from your issuing bank, local phone retailer or on the web.
Step 3.
Sign up for MasterCard PayPass on a NFC phone with a participating bank.
Step 4.
You will then download the card payment details onto your phone. Downloading is a simple process that takes minutes.
Step 5.
Activate the MasterCard PayPass application on your NFC phone and you're ready to make a purchase.

Use your phone anywhere MasterCard PayPass is accepted!

How to Tap

Step 1:
Look for the MasterCard PayPass reader at the merchant checkout counter. To locate a PayPassmerchant in your area, please click here.
Step 2:
Start the MasterCard PayPass application on your NFC phone.
Step 3:
Tap your NFC phone onto the PayPass reader.
Step 4:
Look for the lights and listen for the beep. These signals will tell you that your NFC phone was read.