Security Leadership

    MasterCard continues to build on our history of innovation to develop and deliver new security initiatives that strengthen fraud prevention.

    The payments industry faces increasing security challenges as the transaction environment grows in size and complexity. With more stakeholders, payment channels and people driving the use of payment cards, maintaining the integrity of the payment system has never been more challenging or as important. For more than 40 years, MasterCard has been an industry leader in safeguarding cardholder data by collaborating with all members of the payment card value chain and creating innovative security solutions, such as the first tamper-evident signature panel, the use of three-dimensional holograms and advanced fraud prevention and detection technology.

    This heritage, combined with the applied insights into security technologies and trends provided by MasterCard Advisors, the professional services arm of the company, demonstrates MasterCard's commitment to working with customers, merchants and other partners to help combat fraud and ensure the integrity of the payment environment.

    MasterCard works continuously with its customers, merchants and partners in its mission to combat fraud and ensure the integrity of the payment environment.


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