MasterCard Privacy Position

MasterCard recognizes the importance of respecting consumer privacy and is committed to helping its member institutions provide cardholders with an understanding of what and how personal information is collected and used. Our goal is to assure MasterCard cardholders a reasonable level of privacy while at the same time providing cardholders with attractive offerings in coordination with our member institutions. To this end, MasterCard will continue to update its understanding of evolving consumer privacy needs and will endeavor to educate members and consumers. MasterCard encourages its members to remain sensitive to the privacy expectations of their customers. MasterCard, itself, will use personal information when a cardholder has been given adequate notice of the intended use and/or as otherwise permitted by law.

MasterCard policies and procedures will safeguard the security of customers’ personal information and we encourage our members to do the same. Some of these measures include:

  • All persons with access to personal data should be aware of privacy concerns and should be familiar with the laws and policies governing the collection and use of such information.
  • Third parties with access to the data should be encouraged to abide by similar privacy standards.
  • Only those employees with a legitimate business need and authorization should have access to the data.
  • Where permitted by law, we may share information with unaffiliated third-parties in order to better provide you with the high quality of customer service you demand and to tailor offers and other benefits that may be of interest to you. Where required by law, you will be given notice that such information will be shared and will have an opportunity to “opt-out” of such sharing.