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    Consumer - Activation & Usage - Debit

    Marketing Materials

    Debit Activation & Usage Building
    Drive debit card activation and usage building with relevant, customizable marketing programs and collateral and industry best practices.

    Statement Inserts
    Use customizable thematic and seasonal inserts that encourage usage of debit cards. Includes downloadable source files.

    Statement Messages
    Use customizable statement messages that encourage everyday usage of debit cards. Includes downloadable source files.

    ATM Screen Messages
    Incorporate customizable ATM screen messages that encourage everyday and seasonal usage of debit cards. Includes downloadable source files.

    Self Mailers
    Send customizable direct mail pieces to debit cardholders in a targeted campaign to encourage usage. Includes downloadable source files.

    Web Banners
    Create an integrated usage campaign leveraging customizable Web banners that encourage usage of debit cards. Includes downloadable source files.
    See materials here.

    Debit Issuance and Activation Overview 

    Optimal debit programs start with account issuance and continues on through the activation lifecycle stage. The best time to engage a new debit customer is during the initiation of the overall banking relationship. We have tools and resources to help you optimize these two critical lifecycle stages.

    Debit Educational Inserts 

    Because debit is relatively new, MasterCard has created educational inserts that address many questions that your cardholders may have about using their cards at point-of-sale (POS) locations.

    Debit Upgrade Packages 

    Upgrading customers to a premium product such as Gold or Platinum is an excellent method to develop a key usage segment and to drive activation of accounts.

    Debit New Card Fulfillment 

    Card fulfillment is the first communication between you and your cardholder and should be regarded as a unique opportunity to educate the cardholder about the key benefits, features, and utility of the card they just received. This initial communication will help to eliminate any initial confusion and even overcome any barriers that may contribute to low activation and usage rates and help you to optimize the efficiency of your overall acquisition campaign.

    Branch Materials 

    Branch merchandising focuses visitors’ attention on debit cards and can motivate current and potential customers to inquire about the product. A branch-based program is one of the best messages to reach new customers and communicate with current debit customers. Here, you’ll find a full set of ready-to-use branch materials, including posters, brochures, door decals, and tent cards.

    Best Practices 

    Once customers have activated their debit cards, financial institutions have a significant opportunity to build transaction volume and revenue. Debit share of total payments is growing, and debit usage is expanding into a wide variety of merchant categories. Financial institutions can employ usage stimulation strategies to capitalize on and accelerate growing consumer preference for debit.

    Marketing Catalog - Order Materials

    Here you will find a rich catalog of consumer-facing marketing collateral to support your activation and usage objectives.

    Promotions Calendar

    MasterCard Worldwide has developed a Promotions Calendar to help you drive everyday usage and, ultimately, revenue. Here, you’ll get an overview of the plan and details of integrated, consumer-tested programs that increase cardholder engagement and emotionally connect with consumers. The Promotions Calendar includes national promotions and merchant offers.

    Brand Center

    The MasterCard Brand Center is your resource for obtaining the necessary artwork, decals, and guidelines for using the MasterCard family of brands. Content includes how to use the MasterCard brand names and accessing MasterCard brand materials such as logos.