MasterCard & the Retail Industry

Helping you build your business.
MasterCard & the Retail Industry
The number of MasterCard acceptance locations has grown enormously in the past few years – to over 32 million locations around the world. Our cardholders have come to expect to be able to use their MasterCard cards at retail locations.

Every MasterCard cardholder is a potential customer of every MasterCard accepting merchant, providing great benefits to both. Working closely with MasterCard Worldwide is one of the most effective actions you can take to increase your brand share and profitability.
How MasterCard Worldwide Supports the Small Ticket Industry
Find out about the special programmes MasterCard has designed to help you build your business!
Co-branding with MasterCard
Encourage customer loyalty by combining your logo with the MasterCard brand mark (logo) on a MasterCard card through co-branding. Learn More About Co-Branding With MasterCard
Security & Fraud Prevention
Read important information about security requirements and recommendations from MasterCard to help prevent bankcard fraud and keep your website secure Learn About What You Can Do Learn About Accepting Online Payments