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MasterCard has merchant programmes and services to meet your business needs.
Solutions & Resources
Industry Specific Solutions
MasterCard has studied and developed specific merchant solutions for a wide variety of industries. Find out how your business could benefit from these customised programmes. View Industry Solutions
Chip Acceptance Toolkit for Merchants
Chip technology is becoming the global standard for payment cards, and with good reason. The chip card offers security and convenience to every party involved in a transaction, and that includes merchants.

Whether you are a small merchant or a large chain, whether you are new to chip technology, or looking to maximise its potential, the Chip Acceptance Toolkit contains valuable details about what chip technology means for your business. It explains how chip works, describes its advantages and shows you how to participate. Learn More About Chip Acceptance
MasterCard® PayPass™
MasterCard is continuously looking at how technology is changing the marketplace, in different ways and with varying speed from one region to the next. We have developed a new, easy-to-use system that can speed up and facilitate transactions at your business. Learn More About MasterCard PayPass
Co-Branded Cards
Do you want an easy and profitable way to advertise to thousands of customers, encourage customer loyalty, and learn more about who your customers are? Co-branded cards are a proven solution. Learn More About Co-Branding With MasterCard