MasterCard Diners Club Alliance

MasterCard Worldwide and Diners Club® have entered into an alliance that means more sales and more volume for your business.
Diners Club Cards Can Now be Processed as MasterCard Transactions

MasterCard and Diners Club have joined forces to establish an alliance that will provide enhanced global acceptance to Diners Club North America cardmembers, and enhanced US and Canadian acceptance for Diners Club International cardmembers.

Here’s how it works:

Diners Club Cards issued in the United States and Canada will feature the MasterCard brand mark (logo) and Hologram on the front of the card along with a 16-digit account number beginning with a "5". These Cards can be accepted and processed just like any MasterCard credit card transaction.
Diners Club Cards issued outside the United States and Canada will continue to maintain their existing 14-digit Diners Club account number beginning with "36". These Cards will bear the MasterCard brand mark and related US/Canada acceptance language on the reverse. Special processing is not required for these Diners Club Cards. These transactions should be accepted and routed as any other Diners Club transaction.

Note: For U.S. and Canadian Diners Club Alliance information, click here.