Co-Branded Cards

We’re a leader in credit card co-branding initiatives with programmes such as Virgin Credit Card from Virgin Money and Skycard from Sky TV.

By co-branding with MasterCard you can build the kind of payment card that consumers are looking for today. Our co-brand card programmes offer the opportunity to reward your customers with an expanded-utility payment vehicle that carries your logo or brand side by side with the trusted MasterCard brand.

As a MasterCard Co-brand Partner You Have the Opportunity To:

  • Advertise in Millions of Wallets! Since all co-branded MasterCard cards also carry your logo, they serve as a constant reminder of your brand whenever and wherever they are used. They’re like millions of tiny billboards in your customers’ wallets!
  • Speak to Your Customers Individually Co-branded MasterCard card billing statements and inserts can include a wide variety of customer communications, from frequency-building promotional announcements to new product introductions, as well as reminders of special card benefits.
  • Encourage Loyalty – The More Valuable the Card, the More Loyal the Customer Global acceptance of MasterCard ensures that your customers can use their co-branded cards in your stores and at over 24 million other locations worldwide.
  • Expanded consumer awareness and communications via monthly card statements to your customer.
  • Possible revenue streams, negotiated with the card issuer.
  • Valuable insight into where else your customers purchase products and services to help you determine strategic marketing, partnerships, and tactics.
  • Access to Over 900,000 Cash Machines Worldwide Because co-branded MasterCard cards have access to such a large number of cash machines, your customers can have expanded access that’s probably not available through your private card programme.
  • Provide Special Enhancements A co-branded MasterCard can give your customers more value and purchasing power. Offer discounts, rebates and frequent buyer programmes.