Preparing for Chip Acceptance

Important Basic Steps

There are a number of important basic things to take into consideration when you are planning to accept chip cards.

  1. Contact your acquirer to discuss and plan chip acceptance.
  2. Talk to equipment and systems suppliers early.
  3. Check with trade associations to find out how you can participate in chip programmes in your market.
  4. Create a deployment schedule that includes plenty of time for system purchase, testing and staff training. (Remember, everyone else will probably be upgrading at the same time.)
  5. Update your checkout procedures and infrastructure, then train your staff.
  6. NOW YOU’RE READY TO GO.  Consider opportunities for competitive advantage.  New value-added, chip-based applications such as personalized service at the POS are now possible. Work with your acquirer to see how you and your suppliers can make the most of these new applications.
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