Committed to providing safe, secure and reliable transactions.
Working together for secure payments
For 40 years, MasterCard has demonstrated unsurpassed leadership in advancing payment card security in commerce – pioneering innovative technologies and initiatives, defining industry standards and practices, and fostering collaboration among industry risk and security professionals worldwide. MasterCard believes that managing operational security and risk is a corporate responsibility.

MasterCard has achieved impressive results through its comprehensive anti-fraud efforts. Consumers worldwide use MasterCard cards for more than 16 billion transactions a year, and all but a minute percentage of those transactions are fraud-free. This success rate enables MasterCard cardholders to make purchases confidently and safely – anytime and anywhere.
What You Can Do
MasterCard provides tools, checklists and solutions to make transactions more secure for businesses and their customers. Learn About What You Can Do to Protect Yourself As a Merchant
MasterCard Protection
MasterCard continues to develop innovative security measures, facilitate industry-wide collaboration, and provide global leadership to make payment transactions more secure. Learn About MasterCard Thought Leadership
What to Do in the Event of Fraud
MasterCard merchants can recognise fraud in progress – and do something about it. What To Do In The Event of Fraud