Maximise your business sales capabilities by accepting Maestro.

Point-of-sale debit allows your consumers to use their cash cards to make purchases as an alternative to cash or cheques. Because authorisation is carried out online, funds are immediately deducted from the cardholder’s account. And with Maestro – the leading online global debit solution – you can accept participating cards from around the world to maximise the benefits of incremental sales and reduced handling costs.

Maestro Encourages Incremental Sales

  • You can attract some of the 445 million customers worldwide who carry Maestro-branded cards by providing them hassle-free access to their current accounts.
  • Online debit gives you a competitive advantage by improving service to customers.

Maestro Is Safer than Cash or Cheques for You and Your Customers

  • Because transactions are 100% online, debit reduces your risk of bounced cheques and disputes.
  • Online debit reduces your cash on premises, thereby reducing the risk of theft and pilfering.
  • Carrying less cash is safer for your customers, too. And a Personal Identification Number (PIN) ensures secure access to their accounts.

Maestro Is More Convenient for Your Customers

  • Your customers won’t be limited to cash on hand with the use of their cash cards. And with online debit, they won’t need to remember to carry cheques.
  • You have the option to offer cashback for your customers’ added convenience.

Maestro Reduces Payment Handling Time and Costs

  • When customers use their cash cards instead of cheques, your cheque processing and collection costs are reduced along with your Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) risk.
  • The Maestro debit programme significantly reduces float from out-of-region cheques.

Over 445 Million Cards Worldwide Carry the Maestro Brand Mark (Logo)

  • In many countries, online debit cards are more popular than credit cards.
  • Participating card issuers add the Maestro brand mark to their cash cards, expanding their use by consumers to stores around the country and around the world.
  • The Maestro brand spans your geographic coverage in each of your trading areas, extending your reach to customers around the country.
For more information about the Maestro debit programme, contact your merchant services provider.