Programmes & Services

Helping Acquirers and their merchants prepare for new acceptance technologies.

The Acquirer programmes provide Acquirers with tools to better serve their merchant customers accepting MasterCard payment cards. Depending on the type of business, you have special needs for competing in your category, servicing your customers and realising profitability. We believe card acceptance programmes should suit your particular type of business and help you realise your goals.

Chip Acceptance Toolkit for Merchants

Chip technology is becoming the global standard for payment cards, and with good reason. The chip card offers security and convenience to every party involved in a transaction, and that includes merchants.

Whether you are a small merchant or a large chain, whether you are new to chip technology, or looking to maximize its potential, the Chip Acceptance Toolkit contains valuable details about what chip technology means for your business. It explains how chip works, describes its advantages and shows you how to participate. Learn More About Chip Acceptance

Diners Club Alliance

MasterCard and Diners Club® have established an alliance that will provide enhanced global acceptance to Diners Club North America Cardmembers, and enhanced US and Canadian acceptance for Diners Club International Cardmembers. Learn More About the Alliance