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MasterCard® Prepaid Everyday Money Card

The MasterCard Prepaid Everyday Money Card is the quick and easy way for anyone to enjoy the flexibility, freedom, security and control of Prepaid card payments.

Ideal for those who cannot or choose not to have a traditional bank account or those wanting to control and budget their spending, this reloadable card can be used by consumers for everyday spending in shops and online across the globe. Available to almost anyone, instantly, it's quick and easy to load and reload with funds, and only the amount loaded can be spent or lost. It can even be blocked if the card is lost or stolen, making it more secure than cash.

Issuers can attract new customers with a cost-effective entry product, and can enjoy the new revenue streams created by moving cash transactions to cards. They can also cross sell to existing customers and provide more choice and value.

For further information please contact a MasterCard representative. Assets are also available to download on this page.

Business Prepaid Card

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Business Prepaid Card

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