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MasterCard® Business Prepaid and Travel Card Programmes

The MasterCard Business Prepaid Card offers an alternative way to make and manage business-related expenses. It eliminates the need to carry cash and supports the creation of an audit trail. It doesn't require extension of credit, can be used for one-off purchases and 'single load' cards can be given to suppliers without risk of re-use.

The Business Prepaid Travel Card offers the same convenience for travel-related business spending - at home or abroad with foreign currency.

For employers, the cards provide greater control over employee spending, reduce admin and can be managed remotely. For administrators, they give cost and time savings, are easy to load and reload and provide detailed statements of spending.

For issuers and programme managers, they help attract new commercial customers, expand existing relationships and increase revenues by moving cash transactions to electronic card payments.

For employees, they offer an easier way to manage expenses with clear purchase records and a safer alternative to carrying cash.

For further information please contact a MasterCard representative. Assets are also available to download on this page.

Business Prepaid Card

Download the information sheet to learn how MasterCard® Business Prepaid Cards can save you time and money

Download the information sheet to learn how the MasterCard® Prepaid Business Travel Card may save you time and money.

Business Prepaid Card

Business Prepaid Card

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