MasterCard BusinessCard

The Card your business has been waiting for

MasterCard BusinessCard® is at the heart of MasterCard Small Business Solution. Designed specifically for all types of business of the self-employed.

The MasterCard BusinessCard supports your needs in three key way's -

  • Improved cash management
  • Simplified administration
  • Improved control

MasterCard, It's Smart Money™ Improved cash management

  • Eliminates the need for cash floats, advances or petty cash
  • Generates positive cash flow:
    • payment for services can be collected before the MasterCard BusinessCard bill is settled
    • settlement of a MasterCard BusinessCard account is made later than cash or cheque payments to suppliers
  • Avoids the need to pre-fund business expenses, charging them instead to the MasterCard BusinessCard as they arise

Simplified administration

  • Separates business expenditure from personal expenditure
  • Provides one simple, streamlined system for paying bills
  • Frees up time and resources
  • Reduces the expense of producing multiple cheques
  • Offers a choice of billing options
  • Eliminates the need to negotiate credit agreements with suppliers
  • Eases the task of compiling year-end taxation returns

Improved control of business expenditure

  • Controls spending types and levels through the MasterCard BusinessCard Annual Spend Analysis report
  • Provides valuable input to the budgetary process through the Monthly Statements and Annual Spend Analysis reports
  • Supports negotiation of preferential rates or discounts with suppliers with data from the Annual Spend Analysis report
  • Cuts the cost of foreign currency transactions as MasterCard BusinessCard FX rates are more attractive than those available for cash
  • Monitors expenses and limits abuses by setting spending limits at the individual cardholder level

Furthermore, MasterCard BusinessCard is accepted at more than 32 million locations and you have access to cash at over 892,000 locations world wide.