MasterCard Global Service

The MasterCard Global Service program extends the issuer’s customer service infrastructure around the world.Available to all MasterCard cardholders who are traveling outside their home countries, MasterCard Global Service provides unprecedented emergency customer service—any time, anywhere, and in any language. MasterCard Global Service gives cardholders access to the following services provided by their issuers, MasterCard, and third-party service providers.

Lost/Stolen Card Report (LSR): Cardholders can file lost or stolen card reports and initiate the process to have their cards cancelled and replaced.

Emergency Card Replacement (ECR): Cardholders can have their lost or stolen cards replaced quickly—anywhere in the world—at a convenient location. ECRs are delivered in the United States by the next day and within two business days almost everywhere else.

Emergency Cash Advance (ECA): Cardholders whose cards have been lost or stolen can request an emergency cash advance and make any necessary pickup/delivery arrangements. Through the MasterCard relationship with Western Union, your cardholders can access cash at 233,000 locations worldwide.

ATM Locations: Cardholders can call to find the location of a nearby ATM in the MasterCard ATM Network and cardholders can obtain cash at more than one million ATMs worldwide.

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