Concierge Service

Offers cardholders an array of assistance that only a travel agency could provide. As a Concierge Service member, the cardholder will have access to:

Entertainment: Information and reservations for restaurants, as well as for entertainment, cultural, and sporting event tickets, use of spas and fitness centers, and for sporting activities (such as golf, scuba diving, and skiing).

Travel: Information and reservations for travel by air, rental car, limousine, train, or ship; as well as hotel reservations; sight-seeing reservations; and emergency messages.

Executive Services: Information about protocol, translation and interpretation services; referrals for temporary office help, and for office and equipment setup (including computers, voicemail, express mail, and facsimile accommodations).

Shopping: Logistical arrangements and information on gifts; special searches for hard-to-find items.

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