Finance & Accounting

Drive Down Your Insurance Cost
The way you select insurance can have a big impact on the security that you will gain from your coverage. Find out how to use a competitive bidding process to drive down your insurance premiums. Read Article

Ensure Your Vendors Are Giving You Fair Deals
The way you deal with vendors has a big impact on the kinds of pricing they offer you. Find out how to obtain and then maintain the best possible deals from your vendors. Read Article

Get Your Financial Priorities Straight
If you’re struggling to prioritize your financial decisions, you’re not alone. Whether it’s investing in technology or remodeling your office, it’s essential to distinguish between priorities and preferences before purchasing big-ticket items. Read Article

When to Open a Line of Credit
Opening a line of credit may be the right move for your business, but how do you know if now is the right time? Find out whether your business is in a good position to take the next step in opening a line of credit. Read Article

Strategies for Controlling Overhead
Overhead costs might seem fixed, but it’s important to remember that they are always in your control. Find out how to effectively manage your overhead. Read Article

Improve Your Finances with a Cash Management Plan
Improve Your Finances with a Cash Management Plan Even a lucrative business can flounder if its money isn't managed correctly. Find out how to create a cash management plan that will make the most of your business’s financial resources. Read Article

Solutions to Four Common Money Problems
Daunted by balancing your business needs with your checkbook? Here are four common money management problems and how to solve them. Read Article

Increase Your Company’s Profit Margin
Boosting your company’s net profit isn’t always about selling more products or services. Try these simple but frequently overlooked strategies for growing your company’s profit margin. Read Article

How to Raise Capital Now
Your business was founded on good ideas, hard work and proper execution, but if you want to reach the next level of success, it will take financial resources. Find out how to raise capital now. Read Article

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