Travel & Entertainment

Solutions for Corporations

Managing your company’s travel and entertainment needs is your responsibility. Helping you do it in the most responsive, cost-effective manner possible is ours.

At MasterCard®, we understand your need to contain and monitor expenses in a way that is as flexible as your company's operation. Along with being able to determine how your Travel and Entertainment program is designed, you need to have complete command over spending data.

MasterCard Business Travel Solutions

MasterCard Business Travel Solutions (MBTS) offers companies a complete package of payment solutions for business travel-related expenses that included payment and data management tools that will provide corporations with the best tools to purchase and manage travel related expenditure, at the same time providing and control.
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Payment Solutions

MasterCard provides end-to-end solution that enhances payment procedures and improves your business performance.
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Reconciliation and Reporting Solutions

Rich data and interoperability with your company's expense management, financial management, and/or ERP system give you an essential source of decision-making information. Data is actionable for both reconciliation and strategic purposes. Transaction information from your MasterCard Corporate Card can be easily customized for use within your expense or e-expense reporting management systems.
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