Purchasing Solutions for Corporations

At MasterCard® , we understand that your company's purchasing needs go far beyond a well-accepted payment card. That means an integrated approach - an end-to-end purchasing solution that works with your existing or future processes to give you continuous improvement in efficiency and control.

Payment Solutions

To make cost-reducing process improvements to your purchasing process you need a card that increases efficiency. Get More Details

Integration Solutions

MasterCard's purchasing solutions can be structured to your company's unique requirements and characteristics. All your spending data is available for seamless integration into your company's own financial management system. Get More Details

Reconciliation and Reporting Solutions

Rich data and interoperability with your company's expense management, financial management, and/or ERP system give you an essential source of decision-making information. Data is actionable for both reconciliation and strategic purposes. Transaction information from your MasterCard Corporate Card can be easily customized for use within your expense or e-expense reporting management systems. Get More Details

Risk Management

MasterCard compliance and control solutions help you better manage your business and mitigate risk. Get More Details