MasterCard Multinational

Corporate Program

MasterCard Corporate Global Credit Card

The MasterCard® Multinational Corporate Program enables MasterCard and our member institutions to provide a consolidated, global payment solution to organizations that require a consistent commercial card program in multiple countries.


Global Card Acceptance, Greater Control Over Card Use

When the world is your market, doing business is much more complex, but your global payment solution needn’t be. With the MasterCard Multinational Corporate Program (MMCP), you get global card acceptance, but with greater control over card use.

Consolidated Transaction Data Integrated Into Your IT System or Delivered Online

Our solution consolidates transaction data from around the world and integrates with your existing systems so that spending data is readily available via online reporting tools or through your internal accounting systems. The advantages go right to your bottom line.

One Primary Banking and Data Delivery Relationship, Local Cardholder Support Globally

The MasterCard Multinational Corporate Program offers multinational corporations like yours an efficient, cost-effective method of managing and consolidating commercial card programs into a single solution. MMCP allows one bank or a lead bank supported by partner banks globally to provide you with a truly global program with standard features (offered by MasterCard), but local customization and support.

MasterCard Global Technology Delivers Global Solutions

The foundation of the MMCP is the MasterCard Global Data Repository which consolidates data from multiple sources and delivers to you consolidated reports via data feeds for integration with your systems (through MasterCard Smart Data OnLine™or other proprietary reporting applications).

Whether the requirement is for global Corporate Travel and Entertainment, Purchasing program, the MasterCard Multinational Program has the flexibility to cater to all your commercial payment needs.

We know that it is important that your provide your employees with a consistent program that is supported on a global basis. The MasterCard® Multinational Corporate Program requires that certain minimum features and benefits of your commercial cards can be supported on a global basis. At the same time, the program is also sufficiently flexible to support local customization and support when your company has specific needs in a certain market. You’ll get the consistency you need while still respecting the local cultures of your regional locations.

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Program Benefits

Consistent Solutions & Services Across the Globe

  • One contact & one data source
  • Global program support in local currency and language
  • Standardized, yet flexible, services, features, and benefits
  • Multiple card programs including Purchasing, Travel and Entertainment and Multi Card functionality

Consolidated Data and Global Reports

  • Consolidated data on your employees’ spending in a single secure location — MasterCard® Global Data Repository warehouses daily transaction and cardholder files from issuing banks around the world
  • Access to global data from the Global Data Repository through over 200 standard custom exports that accommodate most automated expense reporting programs or other technology platforms your company uses. Or, we can customize a solution just for you
  • Attain real-time reports on-line through Smart Data OnLine; which allows you to organize, consolidate, analyze, and manage global financial data
  • Automated entry into expense management systems with general ledger and ERP systems using Smartlink, or fully automate the financial and information value chain

Greater Controls over Spending

  • Greater understanding and awareness of expenditures with Smart Data OnLine with breakdowns available by employee, department, company, division, country — all rolled up on a global basis
  • Blocking by merchant category, and spending and velocity limits set globally or locally
  • Automated monitoring of expenditure abuse with the peace of mind of corporate liability protection

Improved Purchasing Power

  • Facilitates a network of global suppliers
  • Greatly enhances negotiating power with suppliers
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