Safe Shopping Online

Fraud Prevention
Staying Secure When Shopping Online
If you are using your credit card to shop online, here are some tips to ensure that your online shopping experience remains safe and enjoyable:
  • Make sure you are doing business with a reputable Internet merchant, and look for the following information on the website to check if a merchant is reputable:
    • Privacy policy – A reputable website often has a clearly stated privacy policy in an accessible place.
    • Information about the offer – Make sure you learn all you can about the offer, and how to contact the company if you have questions.
    • Information about the merchant – Find the company’s address and telephone number.
    • Your computer browser can tell you if the place where you are about to send the information is secure. Most browsers display special icons, for example a padlock or key to indicate secure sites. Many merchants also inform you on their websites if they have taken security precautions. Look for this advisory. If you don't see it, ask about it. If you cannot determine this, do not put your payment card information over the Internet.
  • Guard your personal information. Don’t provide information that you are uncomfortable giving. Never give anyone personal passwords.
  • Keep records. Print out all information about online purchases.
  • Pay with a payment card – as this is often the safest way to pay online.
  • Be careful of e-mail requests for personal information, especially when they come from companies that should already possess such data. Do not click on the links provided in such e-mails. In order to protect your account numbers and avoid possible credit card fraud, do not send your account numbers or other financial information by e-mail.
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