MasterCard Card Security Feature


Feature Innovation
Every MasterCard card includes a variety of security features that are designed to effectively protect cardholders from payment card fraud. Security features on MasterCard cards include:

  • Magnetic stripe – The film stripe on the back of a MasterCard card stores account information. The magnetic stripe does not contain personal information such as birth date or mother's maiden name.
  • Embossed numbers – Raised account numbers on the front of a MasterCard card extend into the hologram (if a hologram is on the card face).
  • Tamper-evident signature panel – The signature panel on the back of a MasterCard card guards against fraudulent use.
  • Personal Identification Number – The cardholder's PIN protects ATM and debit transactions.
  • Card Validation Code 2 – The three-digit code indent printed on the signature panel of a MasterCard card enables retailers to ensure that the cardholder has possession of the card during a phone or online transaction.
  • Hologram – A three-dimensional image with interlocking globes reflects light and appears to move when the card is rotated.
  • Holomag™ – This feature combines the functionality of the magnetic stripe with the security of a hologram and helps prevent card counterfeiting.
  • MasterCard SecureCode® – Each cardholder participating in the SecureCode program creates a unique personal code known only to the cardholder and the issuing bank. This code is requested during the checkout process at participating online stores verifying the purchaser is indeed the cardholder. Signing up for SecureCode is about as simple as it gets; just follow your financial institution's instructions. And using SecureCode is just as easy.

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  • MasterCard PayPass® – Cardholders can make purchases quickly and conveniently with a simple tap, rather than swiping or dipping their card. Not only is MasterCard PayPass convenient, but it adds a level of security since the card or PayPass device never leaves the cardholder's hand.
  • Chip Technology – MasterCard payment cards used in some areas of the world contain tiny computers that make transactions safer and prevent counterfeit fraud. Chip-enabled cards are already accepted at millions of terminals worldwide.