Introducing MasterPassTM QR

Open. Scan.
Confirm. Collect.

About Masterpass QR

Masterpass QR is a new electronic payment option that lets customers pay for goods and services from their mobile phones. It delivers valuable benefits for merchants, issuers, acquirers and end-users.

Masterpass QR is fast, secure, convenient and cost-effective, and provides a viable alternative to cash - without the need for POS or MPOS equipment.

It provides a convenient new way for customers that normally deal in cash, to pay.

It also solves many of the pain points surrounding e-payments for merchants and acquiring banks. So it's a viable way to extend electronic payment services to merchants that are currently excluded from them.

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How does Masterpass QR work for cardholders?

  • Launches his smartphone application that has been enabled for Masterpass QR
  • Scans the merchant QR code displayed at merchant point-of-sale
  • Enters the transaction amount to initiate payment
  • Confirms the transaction with a PIN
  • Receives instant confirmation of successful funds transfer
  • Collects goods when merchant receives payment notification
  • Benefits for cardholders

  • Simple 4-step process - Open, Scan, Confirm & Collect
  • Make payments in seconds from a smartphone
  • More secure than carrying cash around
  • Real-time confirmation of transaction
  • How does Masterpass QR work for merchants?

    Simply need to display a Masterpass QR code at the point of sale to accept electronic payments from their customers via Masterpass QR

    Benefits for merchants

  • Convenient cash-like experience
  • No hardware infrastructure costs
  • Reduced cost electronic payments
  • Lower exposure to risk
  • Faster access to funds
  • No need to deposit cash takings
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