MasterCard & Travel Agencies

Helping you build your business.
MasterCard & Travel Agencies
As a travel agent, you play a unique and very important role in the purchasing of travel services by MasterCard cardholders. Our goal is to work together with you in the travel industry to help you tap into the potential of more than 520 million MasterCard-branded cards and over 445 million Maestro®-branded cards worldwide.
How MasterCard Worldwide Supports the Travel Industry
Discover the special programs MasterCard has designed especially for travel agents to help you build your business in the travel agent primer! Learn More About The Travel Agent’s Role In The Card Process
Security & Fraud Prevention
Travel professionals and MasterCard can help you prevent credit card fraud. Learn travel tips and techniques of the trade to prevent credit card fraud
Read important information about security requirements and recommendations from MasterCard to help prevent credit card fraud and keep your website secure Learn About What You Can Do Learn About Accepting Online Payments
The Future of Money™
MasterCard offers merchants the latest sophisticated new technologies to help you improve the way you do business with your customers. Learn about MasterCard PayPass