MasterCard & Supermarkets

Helping your business grow profits.
MasterCard & Supermarkets
Competition for the sale of foodstuffs gets more aggressive every year. Operating expenses – particularly those involving cash handling, cheque processing and other labour-intensive activities – can be reduced by working closely with MasterCard. And by accepting cards, you're likely to increase sales – helping you to increase your brand share and profitability.
How MasterCard Worldwide Supports the Supermarket Industry
Find out about the special programmes MasterCard has designed to help you build your business!
  • Card acceptance delivers improved profitability and loyal customers Learn How
MasterCard worked for Econofoods: A case study in card profitability where 28% of every card dollar was incremental sales!       Read the Case Study
Co-branding with MasterCard
Encourage customer loyalty by combining your logo with the MasterCard brand mark (logo) on a MasterCard card through co-branding. Learn More About Co-Branding With MasterCard
Security & Fraud Prevention
Read important information about security requirements and recommendations from MasterCard to help prevent credit card fraud and keep your website secure. Learn About What You Can Do Learn About Accepting Online Payments