Merchants with Integrated Systems

Key Implementation Considerations
For merchants who maintain their own integrated retail systems

If you maintain your own system you are responsible for upgrading it and making any operational changes necessary to accept chip technology. Here are the most important things to do to update your integrated system.

  • Impact Analysis
    Your acquirer will help you analyse the impact of chip acceptance on your overall organisation. This should include:
    1. Training requirements
    2. A review of your entire POS network and retail systems
    3. Key operational considerations and planning
    Your acquirer will help you conduct an enterprise-wide analysis and update of all processes and systems to maximise the benefits of chip technology on your business.
  • Supplier Selection
    You will need to choose a vendor to provide you with the POS equipment required for upgrading to chip acceptance. Choose this supplier carefully and work closely with them as your implementation proceeds. If you already have a good relationship with a supplier, you’ll probably want to work with them. If not, you can find a supplier through a local retail association. And, of course, you can always seek references from your acquirer. You can also consult the list of vendors we’ve prepared for you.
  • System Testing
    You will need to allow ample time to thoroughly test your systems, both individually and end to end. MasterCard offers a comprehensive suite of testing tools and processes that make testing as easy as possible for merchants. Be sure to contact your acquirer early in your adoption process to draft a detailed testing plan. Your acquirer will help you determine what needs to be done and help you test both your terminals and their network connection.

    MasterCard recommends you conduct a pilot programme to identify and fix problems early in the implementation process.
  • Participant Engagement
    Starting to accept chip cards can affect the way you do business with suppliers and other partners. Be sure to let them know early about your implementation plans, so they’ll be prepared to accommodate you.