MasterCard® PayPass™ Security

PayPass Security

MasterCard is constantly working to protect you with sophisticated fraud-fighting tools that proactively predict, monitor, and prevent fraud.

With secure encryption technology and Zero Liability† protection, PayPass is as safe as your regular card.

  • You are in control – your PayPass never leaves your hands to make a payment
  • No accidental payments – your PayPass device is equipped with secure technology ensuring each transaction is unique. In addition to this you must be extremely close range to the reader at checkout to work
  • Not billed twice - even if you tap more than once at checkout, you'll only get billed once for your purchase

PayPass Technology

PayPass uses a hidden embedded computer chip and radio frequency antennae. After you tap your PayPass at checkout, payment details are sent wirelessly to the MasterCard network. Moments after you tap, you will receive payment confirmation and are on your way.*

Safety Tips

When it comes to safeguarding your credit card information, give yourself peace of mind by following a few simple tips:

  • Always know where your PayPass is and keep it in a safe place
  • Check often to make sure none of your cards are missing
  • Keep a record of all your card numbers, expiration dates, and emergency phone numbers (located on the back of your card.) Keep this record in a safe place separate from your cards. Use it if you need to report lost or stolen cards

Most thieves use stolen cards within 48 hours. If you suspect unauthorized activity on your account, stop using your PayPass and contact the financial institution that issued your card immediately. Don't know your card issuer's number? No problem. MasterCard Global Service™ is available 24/7 to help you.

* Signature is not required for purchases under $80 at participating locations.
† Conditions and exceptions apply. For further details, see Zero Liability