Marketing & Sales

Let Word-of-Mouth Marketing Make Your Business the Talk of the Town
Long before marketing and branding were transformed into a science, there was the power of word of mouth. Learn how to hone this concept and put it to work for your business. Read Article

The Pros and Cons of Starting a Small Business Blog
To some, small business blogs are an effective, low-cost alternative to conventional marketing. But skeptics question the practicality of using this format for small business PR purposes. Learn what proponents and skeptics are saying about this emerging trend. Read Article

Develop Your Marketing Plan
Attracting customers takes a lot more than physical space; it requires marketing. In fact, it requires smart marketing. Build your new business with a solid strategy for selling it to the world around you. Read Article

Upgrade Your Web Site into a Sales-Producing Machine
Why settle for having an online brochure when your Web site has the potential to become a revenue generator? Find out how to turn your site into an interactive sales force. Read Article

Brand Your Business
Your business may be a lot of things, but at the end of the day it's the customers’ perception that counts. Create a brand strategy that will help your company present the right image. Read Article

Harness the Power of PR
Seasoned business owners know that when it comes to marketing, publicity—not advertising—rules supreme. Read Article

Advertise Creatively and Successfully
Traditional advertising is losing its effectiveness in the world of small business marketing. Are you ready for the new age, or will you be left behind? Read Article

5 Ways to Market on a Budget
No matter the size of a company, marketing plays a huge role in developing and maintaining a customer base. Learn five strategies to market your business without blowing your budget. Read Article

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