Unauthorized Purchases

Unauthorized Purchases

Unauthorized Purchases

As a MasterCard cardholder in India, most card issuers will not hold you responsible for unauthorized purchases charged to your account, after the card issuer is notified of any loss, theft or disclosure relating to your card. If you discover any loss or theft, or suspect unauthorized activity on your account, stop using your card and contact the issuer immediately. The Reserve Bank of India has mandated a second authentication factor for all online transactions. This requires for the registration of a PIN with your card issuer. While conducting an online transaction, you will be prompted to verify your PIN, without which the online transaction will be aborted.

The following guidelines can help to reduce the risk of unauthorized purchases appearing on your bill:

Memorize your PIN number (Personal Identification Number) and keep printed copies of the numbers in a confidential place.

Sign all your payment cards as soon as you get them. This way when salespeople check the signature on the back of your card against the signature on the sales receipt, you will be protecting yourself if your card is lost or stolen.

Check your cards periodically to make sure none are missing.

Check your statements to ensure you are aware of all transactions being carried out on your card.

Destroy and dispose of copies of receipts, airline tickets, travel itineraries and anything else that displays your card numbers.