Cirrus Card


Whether you're out on the town, driving across the country, or jet setting around the world, the Cirrus logo on your ATM or debit card assures you of worldwide cash access convenience.

Wherever you may be, using the MasterCard® / Cirrus® ATM Network gives you immediate access to your funds (available in the local currency when travelling abroad). On the run? Nearly every major airport has ATMs that accept Cirrus. So do most mass transit stations, shopping centres, and tourist attractions.

With approximately 1.9 ATMs worldwide, you'll have fewer worries about how to get Swiss Francs, Japanese Yen, or any currency of a country that you're visiting!

You may already have access to this great facility, via your ATM or debit card.

Using Cirrus

Getting cash with your ATM card is quick and easy:

  • Be sure the ATM displays the Cirrus® logo.
  • Insert your card into the Debit Card slot. Many ATMs offer a variety of languages to use during the transaction (English is always one option on Cirrus ATMs).
  • Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) on the keypad. Follow the simple instructions displayed on the ATM screen to choose your account and a withdrawal amount. (Money is dispensed in local currency.)
  • The terminal immediately processes the transaction. You receive your receipt and the transaction amount is automatically deducted from your cheque or savings account.

Superior Quality and Acceptance Worldwide

Less need to carry large sums of cash -- especially when travelling; plus you can receive a favourable exchange rate when money is obtained while travelling in other countries.
Uses your confidential Personal Identification Number (PIN) to authorise each transaction.

Immediate access. The MasterCard/Cirrus ATM network is quick so your request is processed in seconds -- even if you're thousands of miles from home.

Be sure that Cirrus is one of the logos on your ATM or debit card and you'll be assured of worldwide cash access. Or, contact your financial institution and ask for your ATM or debit card with Cirrus.

An ATM or debit card bearing the Cirrus logo is the perfect partner to your MasterCard when travelling. Getting cash with your ATM or debit card is quick and easy - find out how to get cash back by following the step-by-step instructions in the below section.