Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Consider... Do you want to penetrate emerging payment types, industry sectors or geographic markets but find them too difficult or costly to support?
Are you losing control over Merchant relationships to PSPs?
Would you like to reduce Merchant fraud without impacting profitability and also benefit from an additional revenue stream?


Acquirer Benefits:


Increase Sales

  • Expand business into new channels, industry sectors, currencies and geographic markets.
  • Generate new Merchant revenues – Fraud.
  • Encourage greater Merchant acquisition and retention.

Reduce Costs of Fraud

  • Provide quality solutions that help your Merchants effectively detect and prevent fraudulent transactions.
  • Reduce cost of fraud-related chargeback. 


Streamline and Control Operating Costs

  • Minimal investment in development and maintenance, risk and time to market.
  • Simplify Merchant Management.
  • Consolidate redundant operating costs.
  • Ensure highest performing payment processing.

Maintain Control of Merchant Relationships

  • Fully brand and sell MasterCard Payment Gateway Services, expertise and support as your own.
  • Increase levels of customer service – one stop shop for all payment and fraud needs. Offer Merchants a rich suite of core and optional products.


Merchant Benefits: 


Reduce fraud without negatively impacting profitability

  • The most effective and comprehensive fraud system in Europe.
  • 20 years experience dealing with fraud within Europe – access to wider databases that any other PSP.
  • Currently preventing approximately £1 million attempted fraud per day.


Streamline and control operating costs

  • No need to have different Bank/PSP relationships.



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