Reduce PCI Compliance Scope and Exposure to Fraud

Tokenization solution provides a secure and cost-effective alternative to managing sensitive card details.
Cardholder information is securely exchanged using tokenization and stored remotely in MasterCard Payment Gateway encrypted database, away from a merchant’s system and files.
Tokenization and data encryption are both widely recommended methods of data protection that in a hosted model not only reduce merchant exposure to card data compromise and the associated damage to reputation, but may also significantly narrow the scope of a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) audit - a major cost burden on business.

Why Choose Our Tokenization?

Reduce Scope of Compliance and Minimize Risk

  • Reduce the risk associated with handling and storing payment data through using Tokenization technology.
  • Leverage our extensive payments and security expertise to ensure that payment data is handled in compliance with card scheme rules and regulations.
  • Reduce capital and operational expense of protecting card data in compliance with PCI DSS.
  • Take advantage of our secure, reliable multi-national network supported by a global team of payments specialists.

Enhance Revenue Opportunities and Reduce Compliance Costs

  • Enhance customer experience by simplifying recurring payment processing.
  • Attract and retain customers by ensuring sensitive data is protected using industry best practices.
  • Accept all major payment types including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners and JCB - from anywhere in the world.
  • Utilize a reliable, scalable solution that is designed to grow with each merchant’s business.
  • Streamline processing to reduce support overhead and enhance security.
  • Utilize our advanced merchant terminal for transaction tracking and reporting.

How It Works

Our scalable solution is designed to grow with a merchant’s business while minimizing the impact on existing business processes:

  1. A simple application interface (API) is integrated into the merchant’s card capture application, providing a seamless, secure solution.
  2. The merchant can initiate payment transactions at any time, providing ultimate flexibility and control.
  3. When an initial transaction is authorized, it is assigned a unique and configurable security token that is stored along with the card details in our secure and encrypted database.
  4. The merchant initiates subsequent transactions using this token instead of the card details. Card payment data is then resubmitted by the gateway for authorization and settlement. Similarly, the merchant uses the token rather than the card details when processing refunds.

Simplifying Tracking and Reconciliation

Our solution includes a powerful transaction search and tracking tool, the Merchant Administration Terminal. This tool allows merchants to view reports and access real-time transaction information.

Additionally, it provides an easy-to-use alternative for manually entering individual payment transactions or refund adjustments. We offer a robust solution that simplifies online recurring payment processing for merchants that accept card payments for periodic billings for goods, services, memberships, subscriptions, or instalment payments.

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