Protect Cardholder Data and Reduce Operational Costs

Achieving and maintaining Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance can be costly and time-consuming. In the current challenging retail environment merchants need to constantly seek out new technologies that can streamline the process, cut operational costs and reduce the risk of a potential data breach.

MasterCard Payment Gateway’s certified PCI P2PE solution is designed to reduce the burden of PCI DSS compliance, remove sensitive cardholder data from the merchant’s in-store environment and reduce operational and compliance costs.

What is P2PE?

Our fully managed P2PE technology encrypts sensitive cardholder data at the point of card acceptance, thus rendering the data useless if it fell into the hands of a cybercriminal.

Once encrypted, cardholder data remains encrypted until it reaches our omni-channel payment gateway environment, where it is decrypted for onward bank processing.

Our solution provides merchants and partners with the assurance that the cardholder data is permanently removed from their internal systems, which significantly reduces the PCI scope and lowers exposure to potential security threats.

Why MasterCard Payment Gateway Services?

In addition to offering the latest Payment Card Industry encryption technology, our unique managed service, delivered by our cardholder present experts, removes the stress and operational cost of deploying a P2PE solution compared to other alternatives. This is achieved by:

Our scalable solution is designed to grow with a merchant’s business while minimizing the impact on existing business processes:

  • Removing the need to return devices back for manual key injection. Our team can remotely inject encryption keys into your VeriFone devices on-site.*
  • For new installations, our team will manage the whole device distribution process for you. This provides you with more time to focus on your core business.
  • Our powerful online Estate Management system allows our operational teams to manage/monitor your estate on your behalf. It also provides you with the ability to track and audit your P2PE estate of devices online with intuitive dashboards and advanced reporting.

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