Mobile Payments

Mobile Payment Processing

The total value of mobile payments for digital and physical goods, money transfers and NFC (Near Field Communications) transactions is expected to reach $670bn by 2015 (up from $240bn in 2011) and the growth will be mainly driven by the rapid adoption of mobile ticketing, NFC contactless payments, physical goods purchases and money transfers, as people in both developed and developing countries use their devices for everyday transactions.


Mobile Payments via MasterCard Payment Gateway Services

Keeping all of this in mind, what does a business need to do to capitalise on the emergence of mobile commerce and stay ahead of the game? 

MasterCard Payment Gateway Services, in co-operation with a number of industry leading partners, has introduced its new Mobile Optimised programme helping merchants drive faster growth through mobile. The programme covers four main areas:


  • Mobile Gateway (mCommerce) – allowing merchants to take payments from customers ‘on the go’, wherever they are 
  • Mobile as Point of Sale (PoS) – turning mobile phones and tablets into payment acceptance devices
  • Mobile as Consumer Payment Device – Enabling consumers to use their phone as payment device, using contactless (NFC) or QR technology (2D bar codes)
  • Mobile Partners – Providing MasterCard Payment Gateway Services’s partners in the mobile industry (mobile operators, handset manufacturers and integrators and intermediates) with payment technology


Mobile Readiness

As mobile adoption varies across regions with uneven innovation and development levels it is important to get insight into country specific solutions and best practices.

By clicking on the image below you can view our unique, in-depth, interactive report on 34 markets worldwide, measuring these markets' readiness for mobile.


If you would like to receive more information about our mobile solutions or discuss options available to your business please contact us today.

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