Hosted Payment Form

Eliminating card data from your business can significantly reduce PCI-related expense and ease compliance efforts.

Our Hosted Payment Form technology can work in conjunction with Tokenization solution to remove sensitive card data from your internal systems. The powerful combination can keep sensitive card data from entering your systems during the online order process and can also be used to remove existing card data that you are currently storing. Together, they can greatly simplify the task of becoming and staying PCI compliant.

Unlike most hosted payment solutions that restrict your ability to completely control branding and customer experience during the checkout process, our solution has no impact on the appearance of your website or your ability to manage your customer interaction. At checkout, your customer always stays within your control and your payment flow. You define the page information fields that you want us to capture directly and MasterCard payment gateway handles the transaction authorization from there, so card data is never entered into your environment at order submission.

If you choose, MasterCard Payment Gateway Services can retain the card information in a PCI DSS secured facility and return a token back to you for administration such as marketing or customer support. In addition, the Hosted Payment Form solution gives you the flexibility to post data to our gateway server at multiple points throughout the checkout process, giving you the ability to validate customer data prior to the end of the checkout session, which can help increase the likelihood that the sale will be authorized when the customer submits the final order.

All these features can help increase control, lower costs, and provide a better customer experience that can grow sales.

Hosted Checkout - Pages

  • Simple integration
  • Available through traditional redirect or via a floating AJAX box (Lightbox)
  • Branded with a Partner Logo if desired
  • Mobile and tablet-friendly
  • Merchant can pass through for display: Merchant Name, Merchant Logo, Order Information, Shipping Address, Billing Address, Buyer Information

How It Works

  • Checkout hosted by the merchant (no redirect required)
  • MasterCard Payment Gateway only captures sensitive information
  • Merchant controls branding at all times
  • Merchant has complete control of payment flow
  • Integration options: simple integration via .JS, more customized integration via POST model

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