Dynamic Currency Conversion

Dynamic Currency Conversion

DCC solution allows your overseas customers to see the exact amount their card will be charged, expressed in their own home currency and including the exchange rate fee as opposed to the exchange rate fee being applied by their bank at a later date.


How Can Dynamic Currency Conversion Benefit Your Business: 


  • Earn additional revenue on foreign card transactions by applying commission normally taken by issuing banks and card associations.
  • Facilitate international business as cardholders will be more comfortable paying in their own local currency.
  • Reduce the risk of fluctuating currency exchange rates.
  • Market entry potential by offering major currencies.
  • No FX exposure.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and increase repeat business by enabling customers to pay in their local currency.


Customer Benefits:


  • Customer awareness of exact pricing to appear on their statement at the time of purchase resulting in reduced chargeback disputes.
  • Enhanced booking experience due to the ability of paying in their familiar currency.
  • Competitive exchange rates are applied.


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