Hosted Payment Solution

Hosted Payment Solution

The HPS solution allows the capture of card details to be performed on a webpage hosted by MasterCard Payment Gateway Services. As the merchant no longer has to store or transmit the card details, MasterCard Payment Gateway Services can help lower the merchants PCI requirements and responsibility.


How Does Hosted Payment Solution Work?

The Hosted Payment Solution fronts the rich functionality of the payment process and radically reduces the burden of PCI DSS for Merchants.

It is responsible for capturing and transmitting sensitive card data from the Merchants checkout process. This data is entered into a secure MasterCard Payment Gateway Services hosted page using a pop-up, redirect or iFrame. Hosted Payment Solutions are easily integrated with any existing website, call centre or mobile app retaining the look and feel of the Merchants brand.

There are 2 Hosted options supplied by MasterCard Payment Gateway Services:


The main difference between these 2 solutions is that the HCC is only responsible for CAPTURING the sensitive data at the payment stage. It requires the merchant system to send a subsequent transaction call against our system to use the data that has been captured.

The HPS solution both captures the card data AND performs the authorisation, as a consequence of a single message.


Key Product Features:


  • MasterCard Payment Gateway Services Hosted Payment Solutions capture and transmit sensitive card data (PAN – Card Number, CV2, Expiry Date, Issue Number – where relevant) from within the Merchant’s usual payment workflow/ checkout process. 
  • Sensitive card data is entered within a secure page hosted by MasterCard Payment Gateway Services – Merchants are given the flexibility to display this page using a pop-up, redirect or iframe model.
  • MasterCard Payment Gateway Services can provide a default page template as a guide, which Merchants are then able to customise as they see fit (providing mandatory data fields remain unchanged).
  • The solution can be used as an extension to an existing MasterCard Payment Gateway Services integration with minimum changes required to a Merchants payments workflow. 



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