Customer Present Payments

Customer Present Payments

MasterCard Payment Gateway Services provides exceptionally reliable, fast and secure electronic credit and debit card processing for Chip and PIN payments.

MasterCard Payment Gateway Services offers solutions for:

  • Mid-tier retailers requiring an integrated solution.
  • Retailers requiring a non-integrated solution delivered via a range of Pre-accredited terminals.


Chip&PIN Payments


  • A counter-top card reader of choice, including a one year warranty.
  • A full suite of EFTPOS software.
  • Integration of an EFTPOS into EPOS application (debit and credit card processing only).
  • On-line authorisation and batch settlement.
  • Consultation on migration & impact on your existing infrastructure.
  • Migration services for new hardware and software.
  • A range of pre-integrated value added solutions including eTopUp.
  • Real-time MIS Reporting.
  • PA-DSS compliant
  • End-to-end encryption and tokenization


Key Benefits:


  • Achieve implementation in optimum time to protect you from liability shift.
  • Remove the pain and worry of implementing a new solution with minimal disruption of store operations.
  • Change the financial model for how you pay for the Chip and PIN solution from a large upfront balance sheet item to monthly service fee per month.


MasterCard Payment Gateway Services delivers secure
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